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Fortuna Villa Estate Location Map
Art and Culture

Bendigo is a grand and gracious city, scene of a gold rush where more gold was found between 1850 and 1890 than anywhere else in the world. Historic banks,and civic buildings line the main streets, gold smelter chimneys a reminder of past riches.


Of 5000 shafts sunk in the Bendigo goldfield the Central Deborah Gold Mine is the only mine left open as a tourist attraction.

Take a walk down Pall Mall to view the former Post Office, Law Courts, Hotel Shamrock, Soldiers Memorial Hall, Beehive Store and Mining Exchange.


You can shop for quirky craft and fashion in Bendigo's boutiques, immerse yourself in arts and culture at galleries and museums. Local wines, craft beers, seasonal and natural produce abound amongst converted heritage buildings, laneways and basements.

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